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[3/13/2012] Outfit Customization System!!!

Big props to GM Leonheart & who ever the other player(s) were who came up with this idea!

Note: This is a work in progress like everything here is likely to be changed & tweaked ;o)

The best tool for customizing your appearance is the Outfit Customization System. This gives you access to additional options which allow you to set the look of your clothing, armor, weapons, and offhand items while still retaining the item’s name & properties! This is perfect for anyone who wishes to customize the look of their character! There are around 1,000 different outfit items to choose from making the possibilities nearly endless!

Fore example, let’s say you find a purple artifact but you would really like the artifact to look differently. You can use the Outfit Customization System to change how that artifact looks all the while keeping the artifact name & stats!

For more information please see Wiki Outfit Customization System

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