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In an upcoming update.

This is not live yet. I still have work todo. The reason for this post is to help explain current "events".

The events Lion and myself have been having over the last while are small parts of an overall event that is happening. We wove 2 of our event lines together to create one big one. I will not be expanding much on this as I feel it’s better for you all to find out in game, but I want to make a few points so everyone knows something about what’s in store.

1: I’m scripting a new boss for this.
2: This is a big event made up of small ones
3: the more you are a part of the events that we have for this the bigger your "prize" will be at the end (we are keeping track).
4: the prizes you get at the end of the small events are in relation to that part of the event unless not applicable which we will then turn to the random 1-10 style for your prize(s).

Also there are parts of this that you all will influence, such as last night with the creation of "Eve", she’ll return later, count on that.
Don’t be afraid to walk outside the lines we’ve drawn, we have guide line we’ll follow but the path do not need to be one way, it’s more fun for us that way too.

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