Game Features

UO Free Shard is the best free server out there! All you’ll have to do is login and you’ll understand what we are talking about! To give you an idea of what kind of server it is, we have compiled a list of some of the incredible features you will be able to experiences!

UO Free Shard Features

– The Stygian Abyss Expansions
– Custom built maps
– Thousands of new high quality artwork images
– Thousands of new equipment items
– Custom Race & Class System
– Hundreds & hundreds of new artifacts
– Custom hair & beards
– Custom client interface
– Balanced world
– New custom quests
– New places to explore
– Build & own your own house
– Hundreds & hundreds of rare items
– HUGE customized crafting & harvesting system
– Custom recipe system for crafting
– Custom socket system
– New & custom monsters
– Custom title system
– And many more unique & custom gaming systems

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