Welcome to UO Free Shard, the best free Ultima Online shard!

Looking for an Ultima Online shard to call home? Look no further, because you have found it! At UO Free Shard we welcome everyone! Whether you love to PvP or if you love killing monsters and getting loot in PvM or if you prefer to RP you are more then welcome to join us here! You will quickly find that we are constantly striving to better our shard and make it the best free UO Shard out there!

You will quickly find a unique world… This is a truly unique free to play Ultima Online world! We love Ultima Online as much as you do! But we also relies that UO has been around for a good while now ;o). That is why we have gone to such lengths to add new content, improve the graphics, and add new music! You will truly be blow away once you experience what we are talking about!

Now, you may be wondering, “How do I get started?”
Getting started is really easy. Start by heading over to the Download’s page and get all the required games files. Then just launch razor and log into the shard. Its that easy! UO Free Shard is a free and fun server! Join us now!

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