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House of Arrister


Short Information:

Current Leader: Vitellius Arrister
Colors: Black and Crimson
Emblem: Red Eyed, Gray Scaled Dragon
Family Type: Roman
Family Side: True Neutral – Lawfull Good
Family Diety: Special (Will be told in game)

Groups Bound to Family: Arristorian Traders – Arristorian Knights


Glorious House of Arrister is well-known Romanus-Briton family, wich is represent with Black and Crimson colors with Red Eyed Dragon wich has Dark Gray Scales.

Familiy is formed by Octavius Lectus Arrister, who known with his good deeds. Octavius made a good name for his family after two years when he create the Family. The title of Knight was the first title he acure before he become a Baron. He become a Baron becouse he had sport of many Noble houses and he was showing up almost every stutiaton. Most of people was respecting him more then his family but after sometime, people realise that his family is reflection of Octavius and they started to respect his family aswell.

Arrister family is known with his Knights wich is called as Arristorian Knights. They wear Silver armor with Crimson colored cloak. The color of armor can be changed time to time, its seen they used shadow colored armor and dark gray leather armor with Red Tabard wich carries their Gray Scaled Dragon. Arristorian Knights often use hoods when they dont want to be dettected by people. Its not becaouse they are afraid of something. Its known that Arristorian Knights doesnt want to reveal their idenity to people when they are on a mission.

Families current leader is "Nobilissimus Vitellius Arrister" also known as "Count Vitellius Arrister". He is current leader of Arristorian Knights aswell, but unfortunately Count Vitellius is a young man and he isn’t ready to lead his family.

There is no certain knowledge about their history, and when they formed, but they are well known and many. Its only known that they allways keept their word and done great deeds. Its also known they appeard from no where and setteled to Britania. People says they came with will of Gods.

Members of this family use a special accent. It’s know as "Arristorian Accent" by public. Wich is similar to British accent but has some roughness of Gaelic Languages. Theres also another specialty about this family, thier Deity is different then other people. Only thing known about their Deity is, they do not belive on gods of people at street. They have their own God and Goddess, wich they belive, they protect and lead them, give them power on their missions and fights. They belive their Gods are with them any time when they need ’em. They even have their Special Paladins who listens and do what thier Gods and Godess say…

If you try to gather information about this family and start asking questions in any Tavern, you’ll probably hear their motos. Such as "Behold before Silver Sword!" or "Trust is a gift from Arristers, such as their Mercy" or maybe something smillar of "Knowledge is knowledge and Sword is piece of steel. Arristers use both with their spirit.". There is many motos of this family, but these are well-known ones.

There is also no information about where is Count Viciatus his family members nor Arristorian Knights. If you are searching for them you can find them in a tavern if you are lucky…


There is no template, but if you want to be part of family. Feel free to create a character with Roman name, and PM me here. So I can add you to Crest.

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